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Pay off about what sustainability mean to NTT DATA, including the three aspect: nurturing the next generation, environment caring and Social contribution.

We promote CSR, in our unique Our Way, to address societal challenges through business activities. To this end, we have focused our attention on paradigms across the three areas of society and communities, people at work, and the global environment while strengthening infrastructures that support these areas. In particular, we are concentrating our efforts on three aspects: building stronger corporate governance, promoting diversity, and sharing the Group Vision.

Sustainability Report

View NTT DATA GROUP Sustainability Report which describes the Group’s ESG management by referring to the Medium-Term Management Plan, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Group’s New Material CSR Issues.

Environmental Activities

The NTT DATA Group is working to resolve a range of environmental issues.
In addition to the “Greening of Our Group,” based on an environmentally oriented management approach that gives due consideration to the natural environment in every aspect of its corporate activities, the Group is continuing to promote progressive initiatives in the greening of clients and society as a whole through its products and services.

Social Contribution

The NTT DATA Group is contributing to the greening of our clients and society through IT while making a Group-wide effort to reduce the environmental impact of its own business activities.

Nurturing the Next Generation

The NTT DATA Group is contributing to addressing social issues through the use of ICT.

Message from CEO

Yo Honma

Message from Director Responsible for Corporate Strategy

Keiichiro Yanagi

CSR in the NTT DATA Group

We practice Our Way, the guiding principles of our CSR activities, by pursuing our Material CSR Challenges of developing paradigms for society and regional communities, for people at work and for the global environment.

System for Promoting CSR

NTT DATA manages its CSR activities under the leadership of the representative director, senior executive vice president and director, and executive vice president. The General Affairs Department handles related operations such as compiling information, training employees and engaging with outside entities, and each workplace carries out CSR activities to contribute to resolving social issues.

Material CSR Issues

The NTT DATA Group pursues activities in line with our CSR material issue by upholding "Our Way" while striving to establish the infrastructure for our CSR management, such as corporate governance, to meet the expectations of GRI standard.

Stakeholder Engagement

In business, there are always opportunities to engage with stakeholders in dialog and make improvements based on these conversations.We value the conversations we have on a daily basis and instill within the Group our commitment to our stakeholders while considering what society at large expects of us as we strive to address social issues.

Third Party Evaluation

NTT DATA’s CSR initiatives are evaluated by domestic and overseas research agencies

Respect for Human Rights

Our Global Compliance Policy stipulates the Group’s fundamental principle of respect for human rights. We pledge not to carry out or tolerate discrimination and take a firm stand against discrimination by others, aiming to pursue a comfortable working environment free from any form of discrimination. We place a great importance on resolving human rights issues as we are promoting human rights awareness activities organizationally throughout the Group.

Information Security Report

As a leading IT service company in Japan, NTT DATA Group believes that it is a social responsibility, which we have to fulfill, that we spread our aggressive activities for ensuring information security to the world along with providing secure and safety information systems to our customers.

Now that NTT DATA issued this report to introduce not only our efforts in the past but also our approaches to achieving a goal regarding information security.

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